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Wine and Liquor
At Ultimate Delicacy we hand select only the finest wines from around the world. Whether adding to your personal collection, or looking to compliment a fine meal, we have wines to suit. Special orders are accepted. You may also wish to view our many other liquor selections.

Wine of the month club
Join our wine of the month club, and for a full year, we will send a season favorite each month, along with a full history of where the wine came from. This is perfect for the wine connoisseur.
Total weight: N/A. Shipping: Within 14 days. Cost: $849.95

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Beer of the month club
Do you think you've tried every beer? Then the beer of the month club is for you. We have scoured the globe searching for the most unique, best tasting beers anywhere. Featuring two special brews each month, the beer club is sure to please. An excellent gift.
Total weight: N/A. Shipping: Within 24 hours. Cost: $149.95

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